Adam Haynes

Hello, welcome to my website and also my CV/Resumé! My name is Adam Haynes and I am a music composer, arranger, and orchestrator. I have a First Class BA(Hons) degree in Music Composition for Film & Media, which I achieved in 2012. I am located in Brighton, UK.


I had been writing music as a hobbie for many years when I decided to formally educate myself in music composition, which is why I undertook the degree course in ‘09. Since then my work has appeared in various games, animations, and short films.


My biggest musical influence growing up was video game music, and this inspired me to write my own music. I would say that Nobuo Uematsu’s music for the Final Fantasy series is what inspires me most in my compositions. Nowdays my influences stretch to all corners of the world, but it's his music that layed the foundation for my compositions.


I like to write orchestral and instrumental music, as I believe this is my strong point. I enjoy using leitmotifs and strong melodic lines in my music, as well as composing moving ambient pieces. I use some of the best virtual/sampled instruments available, as well as live recorded guitar, both electric and acoustic.


I am confident in my ability to compose in various styles that I have studied in the course and from personal experience, such as music from each of the classical periods, various “world” music styles, Argentine tango, ambient and avant-garde, and library/production music. I am also very confident in scoring to picture, using hit-points and “spotting” a film, and have had extensive experiences in each.


I am enthusiastic when it comes to music compositions, and I’ll always dedicate a good amount of time to a piece. I am a perfectionist and hightly methodical, and will work hard to create an attractive and appropriate piece of music; not just to fulfil a client’s needs, but also for personal satisfaction. 

I also have confident abilities in scoring music using Sibelius software.


If you’d like to contact me in regards to composing music for your work, you are welcome to message me at any time here, or via any of my external sites, and I will reply as soon as possible. :-)



~ Adam Haynes

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